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extension of the diseased process, depend on special

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vapour inhaled whenever the paroxysm comes on. I have never seen any

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planted that in the posterior surface of this new va-

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superficial vein?, increased by a disposition to faint.

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simple expedient ; and that the remedy may then be given with

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According to the same census the proportion of blind in the entire

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Some years ago I tried carefully the system of putting a patient

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operation of the oil, the warm bath may be used most advan-

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Note. — June 30, 1863. I have uow a case of oblique fracture at the junction of

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performance of tracheotomy ; the patient did well after the operation, but

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6. — King reports a case of anterior dislocation of the

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Significance of the Sigmoid Adhesion, The^ — Dr. Hubert A. Royster 162

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ascertaining the state of the blood in the field of the microscope,

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paint the subject and call it ' The Race against Time." " He

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vulsive movement took place in the left hand. There

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Hall these vessels are enlarged in consequence of obstruction, and then

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rolled her eyes and gasped for breath. In 15 minutes she died.

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functions, one is much better fitted to care for, to treat in case of

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tion previously described. Both are common in female subjects, but

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internal organs, being more numerous and more widely distributed

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ment. His first contribution in 1870 was, as has already been

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movements of the iris, are centres for the extensor muscles of the head, trunk, and legs.

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more or less of Chinese history and the European history

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quarter of a year older, meanwhile, would, in the second,

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pill of one grain of ipecac, and two of calomel to be

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ventricle during life, was of a pale straw colour, containing some deposit

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one who has had special surgical or obstetrical train-

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forceps and easily dislodged it. After removing the !

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a gallon of alcohol for six days and filtered. The dose

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Case 1. — H. F., white, aged 32 years, was admitted June 14,

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quickly followed by weakness of the legs, which is in-

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short, all the symptoms point unerringly to a speedily fatal turmi-

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operation there were convulsions beginning in the left face, and left

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When such urines are warmed with nitric acid, blackening results; and when

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F. L. & P. Co.) that a licensed physician not legally qual-

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The Ova. — Oviposition was described one hundred and fifty years

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strument was known anywhere in this country, and the