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The anatomical changes are those of a sero-fibrinous inflammation

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conferences were similar, and both had delicate and

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aqua calcis in my own person, and also in the case of a strong

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employed to demonstrate the presence of fat. As a routine stain

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wise thing to colonize these patients, and we can obtain better

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the artery ; and these measures were ofteu successful.

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Dr. Frederick Pollard, Senior Assistant-Physician to the Liverpool Infir-

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performed about the mouth, nose, or throat, the position spoken of by

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it has been carefully studied, in Porto Rico by Ashf ord, and of particular interest is

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prevalent fifty years ago, than at the present day, as

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Examination of the urine and examination of the tumor speak against

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1897; 3"Journ. de Praticiens," Aug. 6, 1896; ^" Brit. Med. Journ.,"

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at lunch and died in about five minutes. At postmortem examina-

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salts are mixed. It is unquestionably true that other calcium salts

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close ill tlie act of swallowing, at any rate, operatious

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be wanting. These symptoms may exist without notable difficulty of

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hemorrhage. The autopsy sliowed that the 4th ventricle was nearly filled with

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left side. The respiratory sounds over the most of the right lung

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specimen of blood which had been perfectly preserved

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The old adage of our fathers : " Head fresh, abdomen free, feet warm," should

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black eyes and sweet voices and dear, loving, friendly hearts. It is more

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received. Among the troops serving in the United Kingdom,

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increasing the distress by injuring the parts, although if a tube of proper

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amputation of the whole limb would avail nothing. The above

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This ingenious theory, supported as it is by an abundance of

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neck. The occasional occurrence of fibrofatty pads in the retroclavieular

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Charles Eolin, the celebrated histologist, for examination, who described them

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cussion of the spine, pains and muscular soreness of the limbs, tingling,

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journal for June, Betti indorses this view of Maggi, and agrees that

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ing changes occurred they consisted of: (1) a decrease in the size of

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Major and Minor Surgery Neurology and Neurological Surgery Rectal Diseases Tuberculosis (pulmonary, glandular, bone)

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are wide limits in the amount of colloid and the height of the epithelial

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combinations, the present data will not permit us to assume them for the