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finished wax casts, recently taken by him of inter-

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1. An intra-peritoneal rupture at the posterior wall of

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Zink, Charles Edwin, A.B., Bait. Univ Bait. Univ., 'oo Durham.

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Recognizing the similarity of his own case to tlie dis-

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article something which was quite unsatisfactory did not appeal to me

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yet many instances of it are on record in which such had not

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ratory action having produced a stagnation of blood in the capilla-

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J. Dominie Corrigan on the German universities, especially

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diagnosis may be very difficult in the first attack. Such cases are

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the tubes and ovaries, frequently misplacing these also.

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plan of treatment, ana his experience, like that of many

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arterial blood is nearly or quite saturated with oxygen (Herter), it is mainly

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* See an interesting memoir on the agents in the circulation of (he

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central as well as peripheral. The characteristic scanning speech of multiple sclerosis

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of the room should be thrown wide open so that there will be a

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maternal impressi(uis. Meil. World, Phila., 1892, x, 242-

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be feared is perfectly sufficient in a majority of cases, where

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iiber die Aetioloijie des Entropium tracliomatosum. Klin.

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but a whole ration for each man (estimated as an army

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the blood. The blood of the hog-nose viper {Heterodon platy rhinos), yielded

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points which during life however had militated against the

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^whose inguinal hernia he had cured with injections of alcohol around the

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the least consciousness on the part of the patient, that he has

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in.) from the last knot. The pedicle is then severed between

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occasions some surprise that this could not be dis-

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with contagion to which I might refer did time permit ;

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noon, and then there is a fall which lasts until G A. M. The range of the

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esteem his descriptions faithful and his treatment rational.

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observations, however, he retained them for some time. The capsules

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of the neck giving way in sloughing. An attack of convulsions some-