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the operation in both animals there appeared to be a diminution

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by reports from other practitioners. — See the Am.

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made too loose the front of the boot wrinkles and the

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Medicine, etc. From Southei'n Journal of Medical Science.

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detected one of these degenerations as existing in the economy, then we may-

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Traction was made at first steadily; the power of it increasing with an unusual

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to this region. The antemia has been looked upon as a forerunner of

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zione. Gior. d. r. Accad. di med. di Torino, 1894, 3. s.,

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the only difficulty is the possible tubercular element in the

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and medical purposes, and as this is not only purer, but also less

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on the other hand, the characteristic sequel of diphtberia, viz., parslim

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hours ; and though the woman undoubtedly suffered much, her recovery

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the one bilateral constitutional (somatic), the other localized, often

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Affiliated Clinical Investigation Societies: the Western Association

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of abortion, a pain and other irregular actions of the neighbour-

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to be with difficulty counted during the last two days of her life. While her

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years of life had succeeded removal of the breast, during which

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should ho oarofiil not to ovor-distend the canal with the pre-

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of bed, but will jump out of the window. This condition of wild

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brown, with a purplish tint. So far as relates to the mere colour of this por-

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some of ■which he drank. He was noticed to be ill and

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doxical symptom groups. Some years ago, before the physiology

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3a-hydroxy isomeric metabolite (SQ 31 ,906). A small increase was seen in mean AUC values and half-life (t I/ 2 ) for the inac-

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I wish particularly to call attention to. In making a digital examina-

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strychnine), which do not inhibit growth entirely, prevent the pro-

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Dr. Seneca Egbert, Dean, Medico-Chirurgical College, Phila.

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in a very septic condition. On 3rd June the right knee-joint

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(bronchial, gastric, intestinal, urethral), milk fever, the fever of

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the position in the confidence of the public to which

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strangling or hanging, irrespirable gases, &c. These

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most malignant of growths, and is a worse affection, in fact, than

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of the glands investigated. The large number of illustrations given seemed

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other ingredients, fail to produce those distressing and disagreeable features

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stage, where a sporozoite is penetrating an epithelium cell. This