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a con;»ested state of its blood-vessels, whirh are seen
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gangrene does take place, death is generally produced more
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and cachexia, the different chemical signs on analysis and the skiagraphic
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casts were present in one specimen of several examinations.
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show extreme hypersensitiveness towards tubei'culin or not.
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late it into renewed activity until once more it enters into
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is generally prominent as a symptom. In some of the cases observed by
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the fact that it was universally preceded by an attack of influenza was, he
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In the beginning of the fever, however, the pulse rate is not very fast. Anaemia
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patient with serum intravenously. Accordingly, she was given varying amounts
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there was no alteration of the pulse. The head was bent
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gonorrhea since June 1894^ had difficult micturition and
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blood were observed. Dr. Delafield considers the filling of the alveoli with
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that the immediate cause of the disease is traumatic hemor-
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in extreme cases. A history of recent traumatism, as a kick or blow upon
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TIr' posterior pmulu-^ must iti'Xt be opened, ,iiid this is best .iccom-
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Milwaukee : M. H. Fletcher, Cincinnati ; R. R. Andrews, Cambridge,
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the formation, under the auspices of the Eoyal Society,
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cardiac transplantation exceeded that of the natural history
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Before admission to candidacy for the Master's degree in Physiological Chemistry,
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at the London Fever Hospital for fourteen years. In some epidemics,
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tions', &c. In obstetricy, it is very useful to lubricate the vagina and
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Hanson, The Atta/ids of Pergamon, 2nd ed. [Ithaca, New York, 1971]
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of the foot, it gradually and often speedily ceases.
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fitsupon the supra-renal capsule. Although essentially aportion
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medical hbrary. The charts will be sent, free of charge, on
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a positive manner, the production of the sanguine nutritive fluid;
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to restoration is indicated by the occurrence of slight flushing in the lace,
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that it is one thing to want to have brakes roid tissue and the intervesicular fibrosis,
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In contradistinction to what occurs in the quartan, the adult para-
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ported two cases of puerperal eclampsia. The first case was
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other developmental faults. Much more commonly the organ is rudimen-
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how it does so is difficult to exi>lain ; hence,
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half+irA^<rr<v to strike.] Paralysis affectins one
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6. Endarteritis, simple or specific, may exist in the