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orable and philanthropic practitioners to be found in every section of

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intubate the patients of the general practitioner, and

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Contribntioni for pablication should be Mnt to Dr. R. L.Tlut>

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signs of pleuritic effiision; and the existence of these symptoms or signs

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the Spaniards. It has been estimated that cuca or coca

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on exposure, of rapidly spreading inflanunatory and sep-

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the spinal distribution of the nerve, and it is due most commonly

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not, it sufiQces present purposes, that the evil will be perpetuated,

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rigo agria or ferox) of persisting during the whole lifetime. It

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advocated by Mason ; (3) a neurosis affecting the neurotrophic system,

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divided into the toe, the quarters, the heels and the bars. The

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the neck short, the lower jaw thick and fleshy ; the abdomen prominent;

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At the age of three months she had "cholera infantum," which lasted

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Suppuration beneath the periosteum is not uncommon, and

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and ghost-like figure who might have come there out of a

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methods of treating these formidable diseases than those heretofore in

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I do begin to be Assured that I have been Diligentlie chas-

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ticipated in the disease and been removed along with

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In no case have there been associated cutaneous or retinal

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the base of the heart, and more especially in the right seeond interspace

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reached ; the men not only were as healthy in war as in

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been drawn down and firmly bound to the side, deep in

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ally with the handle of the scalpel. The tumour was then lifted through

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in some instances seen disappear rapidly and without trace imder

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Hara, Kanetake, Takuma, and Iki.^ The cases of seven day fever

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I saw him first in January 1895, when the following symptoms were found :

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elimination. Bohland had previously studied the efTect of

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packed with lymphoid and plasma cells and large cells resembling

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common symptom of excessive cold-taking as due to the obstruction,

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from patients with severe intoxications. Yet it may be of interest

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in the clinical histories of the two cases of sunstroke recorded below, a

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in his first case, or apparently from eight j operations. In two of the six cases Dr.

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Mr. Horsley always operates with his patient reclining, not

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