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the thorax, and that, consequently, not only the introduction of a suffi-

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and plants made after proper intervals of time from a core taken from

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the tenth, are broken off. With this specimen is preserved the left

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Sheridan, 111., to examine officers of the Army for promotion.

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tongue was pulled out by means of a tenaculum, artificial

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women, it would have been something worthy of Dr. Acland's

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evidently apoplectic, in which the only paralysis that followed the seizure

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committed to women’s issues and education. For more informa-

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does not succeed, or if diarrhoea be present, he recom-

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over every human mind; and we must remember that they have been

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what is good about our health care system while fixing

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adopted by that force in the treatment of the wounded on the field,

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thirty years of age. Acute endocarditis complicating scarlatina, measles,

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midst. They both demonstrated an academic side that

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such patients. Dr. Ewart, in describing what he called amenorrhoeal

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nums. Nachricht. d. Gflttinger Gesellsch. d. Wissensch., No. 7.

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which remains after the formation of the bladder. It is

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42-47. — Finlayson (J.) The diagnosis during life of

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with drainage of the axilla. A few hours later pulsations of the

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tion previously described. Both are common in female subjects, but

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and painful swelling of the superficial lymphatic glands m dengue decides

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consequently the mucous membranes are far more susceptible

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fatty tissue. This may be taken from the patient himself or

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slight amount of motion was made m the knee-joint The

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7. Aspergillosis of the Skin. — Montoya's investigation has

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a state of nervous prostration, from which she slowly

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Begistration in Ontario. — It costs each student $100 to

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if tlie foot, a retentive apparatus must be used which

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wine, or even of pure blood, together with the other characteristics

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very unfortunate. His little tour did not seem to be beginning

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jaundice apparently being due to an excess of biliary pigment resulting

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our absence, but, as we had no one to leave in charge, the gas be-