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ablation of the ganglion caliacum without affecting the act of vomit-

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most distressing symptom, and is due to a reflex irritation of the

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The five per cent, lotion of muriate of cocaine seems 'to

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distipates the emanations arismg from the patient's body.

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mined opposition. The persecution of Galileo in the seventeenth

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Pulmonin is the name sometimes applied to the peculiar sub-

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of the string was so standardized that 1 millivolt caused a deflection of 1 cm.

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green color on being boiled. This test is not applicable to cane sugar.]

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mucous membranes of those exposed to its influence, and its presence is indi-

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as well as we may, inasmuch as we think that any reliable information con-

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False Positive Rate = 100 - Specificity! %) = 100 — 91 = 9%

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unlawful for cities of the first class to reopen, for the purpoBe«

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Some time ago this topic was discussed by the Patho-

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4. Disturbances of the chromatic faculty are constant in these two forms of

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filled with some red substance, and four earthenware jars, whose mouths

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body. It is also sometimes the case, that the intestinal exhalents, of

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etiologic factor in dysentery, all belong to our generation and are

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toms when the pathological conditions of the organ are identical ;

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stituting a complete School of Medicine, the patronage of the

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D. In diseases of the thyroid gland, both hypothyreosis and hyperthyreosis,

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But it is not to inform you that it cured the sore eyes that I

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your honor, it will be lang before it makes up for Flodden ! "

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alcohol taken by the patient. As a general rule complete

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showed that the contraction could be elicited by passing the finger-nail

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addition an effort has been made to identify the presence of such bodies

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tion in the adjacent part of the cord. The cause of this is uncertain ; it

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normal and pneumonia was present in similar proportions in

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