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continuous full bath, given for therapeutic purposes and kept up for
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been productive of great pain, of sloughing of the mucous mem-
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ing and developing diseased conditions which, but for some
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in F family, mother and four children; in B ( Fig. 8), mother and all
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** The preparations used by the author, were the infusion of ten parts
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diphtheria. It was also well known long ago that in the membranes there
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Of this solution take two drachms, and add Alcohol,
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often, he said, that, after injection, tlie beasts show extreme
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He was an honest man, honest to his patients, honest to his God, and,
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ward began giving private courses in medicine which
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fed. and Surg. Journal, Sept. 22, 1870. volume, which contains in concise phrase iant thotie
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of associated endocarditis ; in the latter the same process has been
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further peristaltic motion. Moreover, it will give rise
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ily, and works as truckman without fatigue, but favors the
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of the brain injured : if the medulla or its neighbor-
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similar phases. Hence, the former conclusions will also hold good in this
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some advocates of the use of the alcoholic liquors as preventives of
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was needed. The patient should be placed in the Trendelen-
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the variety known as sweating typhoid, and yet the present case
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vestigations record four cases of mania in children.
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the coronal and half an inch from the sagittal suture. It had passed
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not exercise self-control, and make up his mind to be
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tion, diluted one half, to take from four to eight drofjs every
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at an angle of 90 . In this way the full energy of the arc
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used) and may often be traced along the borders of the protoplasmic processes
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The OUnical Features of an intrathoracic tumour are
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large number of men to be examined in a limited time, a condition
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vomiting. Tongue clean and moist. Pulse about 80, rather full and
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A quarter of a century ago, in so far at least as Toronto was
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case we have a chronic carrier; in the other, the clearing up of an
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found 500 cases of vulvar or anal deformities, due to
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tages of residence in a large university, such as the use of the
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abscess, which extended far down the outer part of the
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Galvanism is also recommended for lead poisoning in man ;
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cannot agree with Jacobi in this, that the spreading of
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