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found on histological examination of the blood. Two

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erect, commonly paler than the sepals. Style three-parted near

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Art. XV. — A Practical Treatise on Fractures and Dislocations. By Frank

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oped in one dog, a negative result ; in the other a positive

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Vegetable Poisons. — The poisonous principles in nearly

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somewhat too large rather than too small. The indicated death rate

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be intractable, the patient only evacuating her bowels under the influence

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The 33 unfortunate persons who were more or less seriously

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Still Defying- the Law. — Another case of malprac-

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recent advances in medical practice have been the crys-

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cure ; more so than to the cool judgment of anybody else

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rally, as it does upon standing a few hours, and that

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of greater or less extent; the night temperature is as a rule higher

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has been used, a considerably smaller quantity, varying from one-thirtieth to one-

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system against Malaria with Mecklenburg Calcium Chloride.

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onless it be suppurative from the beginning or dependent on the presence

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indiscriminate operative interference with the so-called " sterile

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of cases a most favorable step, especially when the

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lining membrane of the pulmonary cells. It remains to consider inflam-

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was only a temporary symptom. Certain anatomists have traced a portion

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diet under these conditions must have much antirachitic accessory

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president of the junior class refused to leave the chair when called

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results obtained by invalids occupying rooms on the south

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gle, while the instruments of thought are numerous."

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suits from making comparisons between different species of animals,

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behalf of the better sanitation of men of learning in

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regard to Hospital advantages, by an act of the City Council, our

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times experienced uneasiness and pain in the joint, while on

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tain combined causes, such as heat, an extremely dry

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3. Those which subserve epicrUic sensibility, i. e., the power of cutaneous

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in cases of intracranial tumour. But the practical point which I would