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are called wounds. There are many varieties of wounds. The most

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sultation, a child aged six months, suffering from laryn-

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des Typbusbacillus. Ztscbr. f. Hyg. u. Infect ionskrankh..

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boy, and of course by humanized virus. It was carefully selected,

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large wBte, lardaceous and scrofulous kidneys, as well as-

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hemorrhage. In the third case, the patient was a groom, aged 20. The

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the fallacy of depending solely upon examination per vaginam

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often reaches its cccine, touching a point higher than at any previous time ;

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quality of their diet, since people of this class invari-

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41 Diphtheria Successfully Treated with Pilocarpine. J. A.

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of the proceedings demonstrated the continued usefulness of the

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0038-3317) is published monthly by the South Dakota

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however, that they bore a small proportion to the fatal cases. At Launceston,

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diseases from which pellagra must be differentiated. No attempt is

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concentrated, not only of the organisms which are found on the skin of

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with the patient when he saw Sir William. — M. Hulke criticised

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of course, a careful search for enlarged glands and swollen lymphatics all

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that the treatment given her differed from that given

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muscles of the thigh appears to be due partly to the position of the

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M. Dupuytren's account, in five-sixths of the cases ; for hernia, in

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and scalpel ; the patient reclining on her back, and under the influence of some

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Tuesday. — Haemorrhage from the pedicle, slow, oozing, persistent,

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to have any radical operation done. He is about, in

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some gentleman foxhunter, au fait and tarn Mercurio

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study at Edinburgh, but as soon as Lister came to London I was a

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or three farmhouses near Bloemfontein, where, possibly, quarters

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Walker— Hammokds. — On January 16, at the parish church, Clifton,

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to the consideration of necrosis and the operations

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can be felt and compressed against the rib. The axillary artery,

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