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enlarged his trade by establishing branches throughout the
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W. P., AGED 52, male, a house painter and decorator (under the care
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painful ordeal, (b) the rest obtained by the patient between pains.
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sure you are right," was what lawyers call surplusage,
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Cultures on artificial media of bacteria from poison
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nection with which it occurs, intercurrcntly, those caused by alcoholism take
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different States. It was proved that anatomy was not taught in
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Platzwunden der unteren Extremitaten. Monatschr. f. TJn-
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dried up. Afterwards, there appeared a herpes miliaris, and then
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capillaries is found to be depend ent upon the chemical evolutions support-
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in regard to the policy likely to be pursued by the present
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well-defined angle, owing to the fact that the abdomen is not in
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HroUKinjj thu- intli^xniilion of tiie people alonjj the
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nurse ; to make and maintain a register of trained nurses
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quinine. If the lesions are luetic one would expect them to improve under
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be altered in various ways. The ordinary types usually decolorize the cells gradually,
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(b) The service of the interior functions both in peace and in
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mination for two days ; and next day, having declared that she
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or years being required for the full establishment of the case. Sensory
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has been natural to assume a "regeneration" of the proteid in the
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heart as seen from the front, and also the apex. Thirteen
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came possible and provoked only a very slight painful sensa-
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these lines is introduced it could not take upon itself the
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of a hernial descent, so that we continually observe that the
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jects of scrofula than are those of later j^ears; but the
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you, individually and collectively, a full measure of success.
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faits relatifs k I'impossibilite d'isoler la bacillo typhique
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Prognosis. — Simple remittent fever, as a rule, is attended with toj
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of the occurrence of typhoid lesions in the fauces is greater
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albuminous and starchy matters (mainly if not entirely those obtained
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as I do that it would be gross flattery to call this horrible and
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places as offer a changing composition of their population, and
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particularly of the muscles, but it does not restrain the
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died near Halifax. Two cases were imported in steamships
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•we have of the effects of mind on the body, we may ')e fairly