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Rats infected with Trypanosoma lewisi rarely die. In fact, it is the excep-

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operation is not justifiable, because the surgeon cannot determine where

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You will observe that I have said nothing of the germ theory

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rectum could be felt, as far as one could judge, rather more

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eliminated. Vacuuming with portable units is slow, noisy, and disruptive.

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lakes or in the vicinity of the sea, often presenting a luxuriant vegetation,

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amputation at the ankle-joint he prefers Syme's to Pirogoff^'s operation.

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testis in males and Uie mamma' in females, is infectious, and

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Used in cachectic, tubercular and ulcerous affections.

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He placed the patient, a boy, under the influence of an

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color — black, blue or gray. The larger part would represent the

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varied lines of interest and activity in the insti-

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From the table it is seen that the hospital personnel on duty at

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immovable ; in men and rabbits it remains contracted ; in dogs and cats,

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weather being sultry.) On comparison with the other hand, a differ-

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CMIC shall provide to CSMS a grant-in-aid for the amount of $25 ,000 for the calendar

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tals of cholesterin, and Drysdale's ovarian granular cell ; spe-

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all." In view of my opinions previously expressed, the

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in medicine always heralds his coming with no little splurge, ljc hes-

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are revived with such undeviating similarity as the s&isons come round.

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was no fever, no impairment in health, a practically normal blood count

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mustard, or, preferably, a capsicum plaster may be applied to

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appearance of Dr. F., in the arena of medical literature, where bis name

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Parenchymatous degeneration is found chiefly after death from acute in-

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and was absent or barely appreciable in the remaining 60 per cent. The pro-

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stances are known of the internal anterior thoracic

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Fig. 16. — Deep tissue beneath the oi)erati()n site, two days after operation. This

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the loss of power in, or the controul over, the voluntary muscles

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ation is purely an arbitrary one. Virchow pointed out

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by becoming encysted in the intestinal wall, and then, bursting into

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11 days. The hospital officials suspect the powder used in

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assistance. Time and again have we paid an initial visit in a case of

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As these cheap and inefficient substitutes are frequently