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a tubercular hip of many years' standing we are often only able at the

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those that Dr. Strong had particularly described. A

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cell, is granular. The nucleus of the granular leukocytes is either

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and blood forming organs, the small round cells abundant in the region of the

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itation and isolation — not so much wholesale, by

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hinders the efforts of every one else. And yet this is

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Falles von traumatischer Epilepsie. Ibid., 736. — Briggs

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From our author's carefully com[)iled tables it is also ap})arent that,

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prevented the bowels from moving." The pain was always worse at

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Many writers have told ufi( that there is a normal rise in blood-

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distinct vision is reached. This distance, measured from the eye in centi-

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The tube is usually lengthened by a piece of rubber tubing connected

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Southerners and Northerners then in Paris were recipients

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complained of headache and loss of power, and was regarded as neurasthenic. At

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polishing," were undoubtedly causal in two of our cases.

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an attack, will enter into an estimate of his chances of recovery.

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satisfactory to the patient. Gradually, however, the fre-

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tives elected by the teaching institutions ami by the teachers

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albumin, and some oedema of legs. She had a slight loss of memory followed

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effect of an innumerable number of successive blows

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Almost the entire length of the oblique incision struck the left rectus

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numerous about the middle of the cervical enlargement, and dimi-

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first in a destructive manner were the paracentral lobule and ad-

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by jMr. Oldham, from beautiful photographs by Hobinson, taken a

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usually needed, according to the size of the patient, etc. This intra-

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laparotomy had been advised, but had been stoutly refu>ed.

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lumbar and cervical regions ; there was also complete

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decompose; in other words the process terminates in suppuracion.

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from a 24-hour product; and the amount of urea should be

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the origin of the disease, especially in a given case or a

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generally condemned as not being an effectual mode.

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gradual reduction of the accustomed drug, combined with