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of collapse, and for a time there were even fears of her

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1897. Hand, Alfred, Jr., M.D., Visiting Physician to the Chil-

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the facts that the parents were cousins, that five of the seven

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there will be better feeding, clothing, &c., and hence fuller development in

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focus of infection like the buccal cavity, accidents (detachment, purulent

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opinion as to its occurrence and the symptoms accompanying a valve

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hospital Sunday outside the churches, every day in the year,

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aorta and aortic valves in these cases is atheroma, but the damage

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head, we often have indicated: Bry., Bur m past., Cham.,

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fall into a doze, and when aroused therefrom, would exclaim, ''Just let the

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efficacious than those known to the ordinary S3rstem, they

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made of the berries is highly esteemed in bowel complaints. The

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their autonomy and is consistent with approaches to

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ing the lungs particularly, although the frequenc'y of the pulse may be

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the eye, ear, skin, etc.), the peculiar merits of the museum,

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periodicals, it cannot be utilized in the encourage-

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think, out of place in a text-book on ' Human Phvsiology,' especi-

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not now used, or the industries themselves have given way to others that

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that is, by being broken up into dextrose and levulosc, both

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cases of septic infection and maladjustments in the case of accidents

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required, and tlie results are most satisfactory. A brief note of a

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W on the plaintiff's ground underwent an inspection or a view before the

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nection with ovariotomy. In several cases, when operat-

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medical men, who treat plague cases. They visit their patients as if the

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the injection of the heterologous protein it was found that not only

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respiration et de la circulation, Paris, 1865 (Deluhaye).

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von Helmont, Lavoisier, Priestly, "the father of chemistry," the dis-

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so short a period as one generation, that one of the