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ity of the various forms upon animals, no definite statement

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I have seen on many occasions, especially in the large

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and indurated, not unfrequently fibrinous material is

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visited Providence and met Sister Vincent Ferrier, then the

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sulting from an irritant, and is a consequence of the evaporation

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them, indicating very opposite conclusions as to the result.

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ficulty does not arise from scrofula, the orbital portion of the lachrymal gland

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carried out, in order to kill any possible mosquitoes. This

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manner by greater success than amputation, whatever be the period at which

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thinking that as the disease seemed so localized, an attempt to

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quinia every hour, and ol. terebinth, twenty drops in emulsion every

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The process of relaxation is, however, accompanied by an oxidation of

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" Diseases of the Mouth," by Dr. Frederick Forchheimer, is well

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or complete loss of appetite and digestion, precede death, symptoms of urasmic

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is one of bacillary dysentery for proper treatment. Of course with a monovalent

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2. The ventral part of this wall is morphologically

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being the cause of cancer. The larger towns — Edinburgh,

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appearances even in the intestines are not nncommon in yonng

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LL.D., F.R.S., Department of Biochemistry, McGill Uni-

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is of a brilliant scarlet color and dissolves in excess of potassium

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litical issues, media relations, and effect change at the

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4. Introduction of new activities should follow the

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of medical care designed for national bureaucratic con-

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emotional readjustments. Blindness is a threat to an individual's total

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think they might have put on a better binding. We pre-

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Hodge pointed out their practical importance in the management of all vertex

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The concluding " lessons " deal with disinfection by heat and

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whole day in the open. I cannot now give statistics,

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immunity is due to lack of absorption of the solid preparations by the