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1. If the operation is accurately performed, it insures union by first

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by higher authority, and during our early administration we found

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dyspnoea, wheezing, or grunting breathing, cyanotic mucosae,

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mal ; the pulse is rapid and feeble ; the nervous symptoms,

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of gastroxynsis. HcEmoglobin twenty-seven per cent.

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moved. Shreds of the membrana tympani and malleus remained

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at this early stage of the disease that it is pre-eminently effica-

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tions and Duties of Officers serving in the Medical Department,

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able, and let it boil for a few minutes. It may be seasoned

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Sec. 3. — The ethical principles actuating and gov-

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nerve filaments. This penetration is distinctly and con-

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surface. About two weeks after infection there formed

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florid girl, and apparently in robust health ; but her abdomen

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also is the noteworthy fact that the members of the Committee

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Each school year shows new districts oragnized, new departments

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N. Y., 1892, xix, 390-407.— Puccioni (G.) Epilessia;

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face be previously unhealthy. (4) Gastro-intestinal

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summer. There had been signs of consolidation and partial-

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future. In order to do this, avoiding the terms leaner and

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abdominal condition is present when, as a matter of fact the gastric or

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customs of diet, sleep, exercise, apparel, and the like, and try in any-

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typhoid bacillus while it does cause a fading of this

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and to witness the beginning of beneficent results which will accumulate

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A material difference does not seem to exist in this respect between

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inferences, which you might otherwise be led to form concerning

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but scarlatina is accompanied by angina, and not by backache. The erup-

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latinal history. Mitral systolic bruit; albuminuria. In this

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" the anus was found to be imperforate. A septum one inch from

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in the veins in microscopic sections, and he was able several times to

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spasmodic contraction of the muscles of the face could

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of tracheotomy are for the most part agreed as to the

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4. If all hemorrhage is arrested after removal of the constricting

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a two-thousand-volt shock from' hand to hand. The patient

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Part III. The Normal and Pathological Puerperium and Index.

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D.Sc. and IVI.D., Dubl. {Hon. causa) ; D.C.L. Oxon.