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produced catching of the breath and a short dry cough. There
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gretted that there was not more cooperation between
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Degenerative changes, however, soon manifested them-
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Fig. 113. Physiologic (so-called auricular) venous pulse with an extra elevation (c) arising
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Europe), a copy of his medical record, { was continued, and Dr. Condie was re-
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years since he left Dubhn, the recollections of his splendid
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sleeplessness, the relief' of these symptoms by morphia is anything but
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traversed hy numerous wide whitish lines, corresponding to the
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pleurisy should be sought for as well as those of peri-
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blurred vision, and slight midriases. Emetine caused
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ever heard of Dr. Davis or his treatment; or, if I had
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plication, is due to simple inflammation or to erysipelas,
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exsect the anterior thoracic wall, including the parietal
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Dr. Rotch showed a series of pictures of the development of
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and America — the identity, namely, of cow-pox and variola. The objections
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extended down amongst the muscles of the neck as far as the fang penetrated.
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compared with Mr. Lawrence's dissection, we think every unpre-
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difficulty when it occurs in patients who are already prostrated by acute
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results have occurred from the impression that mild or moderate symp-
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in my experience, the most decidedly valuable therapeutic
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same. It is evident, therefore, that cold is not an essential cause of the
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£very vein in the body may become dilated ; dilations occur most fre-
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ailments, opposite from our common nature. To these, spe-
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thalmic operations the two kinds most likely to be followed
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been dismissed as family physician. He began with a
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yet too scattered and fragmentary to admit of exact
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syringomyelia, by the proliferation of glia cells, the invasion of the
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intestinal hemorrhages are very frequently observed, but
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and with an ulcer, the edges of which were so hard, that I
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The President appointed Dr. Ruggles, and one other later, to
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road constructed by those whose chief aim was, in the
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Valetta than among those who lived in the basements. The higher parts of
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The procedure usually advised in applying the carbid
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and 3) is not a signature sign for any particular cervical