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trouble. She was very nervous, easily startled, and

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125. — I»acaiio»vski (H.) Kilka uwag nad przebiegiem

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that it was a petrifaction, and that as a natural course

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priation for the erection of a State Hospital for the Insane. After delays not

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sentences from p. 4. "It is the purpose of the Medicinal Com-

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morphine by them, and wholesale druggists must not sell morphine to

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the ignorance and insensibility of those who ascribe the la-

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knows that the presence of a foreign body in the air-tubes is

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this accident, his sight was slightly affected, and he complained

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' kubisagari,' which means 'he who hangs his head.' If. the

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the pelvic transverse without reference to the position of the head.

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not appear to suffer from the fever, nor did they seem able to

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jaundice apparently being due to an excess of biliary pigment resulting

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opening never closed entirely, it was reduced to such a size that

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that its jyoint (Fappui being the pelvis itself, in ordinary move-

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period in Dog 10, which is characteristic of the animals of this group.

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18 and 20 years; at the close of the eighteenth, it was

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With the discovery of the remarkable therapeutic properties of the supra-

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be preferable. This Mr. Jaoobsou has done very judiciously.

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Non-violence and open speech are interlinked. Journalism devel-

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"The diplococcus of posterior-basic meningitis is pathogenetic for

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face, moistened by colorless mucus, and was soon recognized

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show that his condition at that time was very bad, and pre-

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to, hold that to such a kidney water is as irritant as urea. Whether this

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dimensions; the sac itself would probably hold two quarts.

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ties. The glazed, copper-colored papules of the fore-

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Bristol South. — Drs. E. P. Abbe, New Bedford; S. W.

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submaxillary glands, epitheliomata secondary to cancer of the tongue.

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period of three or four days, with two or three cases

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treasure to be spent in self-gratification ; it is a burden to be

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clinically, and that no time s.hould be lost in accomplishing reduc-

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partners and no comprehension of Nature's laws can rescue

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parasite, the germ of malaria, to keep in existence as