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of the bowels. He was, however, baflied in his attempt to examine

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hypopyon. Although the course of events in the eye injured was

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at the centre ; the tibia was broken a little lower in two places,

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time. The hemorrhage resulting from this process may b© increased

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tality of the unvaccinated cases follow the general rules that are

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534. Queen Cakes (2) — Ingredients — I lb. of fine flour, % lb. of

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role in congestive heart failure. 1 With the conclusion of

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four years ago. Mother died of phthisis. Has had attacks of

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local bleeding from the angular vein, situated on the face,

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convalescence is about to take place. These remissions are most apt to occur

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at Cavite. Twenty of the 24 marines who had been ashore came down

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to the visitations of hostile nonprofessional inspectors.

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is apt to spread rapidly. Wyss and Bock report seventy-one cases as

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women, 20 to 30 years. Comes on slowly. It occurs in connection

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aged 72. He was educated at the University of Virginia, and graduated

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Institute by Baroness Hirsch 3 years ago, has been com-

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through tbfi skin. Tbc gouty matter may be deposited in tb«

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of light is in those neurasthenics who have suffered a

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tricts, partly in the marshy soil, with the production of malaria, but failed to give

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teachers, or one to every five students. Teaching by small

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wbicb tbe dental engine was employed for exsection of

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had menstruated, was married first as a wife, but after marriage the

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and plants made after proper intervals of time from a core taken from

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matter under the skin of the leg or any part of the body pro-

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In order for a couple to be considered infertile, they

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national and international progress. He, however, deprecates all inter-

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dangerous haemorrhage after the birth of the child, which, par-

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external jugular is not labelled, though the anterior is.

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latter channel in man is estimated at one-fourth to one-third that

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plored that, at present, it seems stationary over Meran.

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consisting as much as possible of solids, so as to di-

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muscles. In this case the diagnosis was made owing to the