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and irritable, aud at last goes into a perj)etual series

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lateral, which were adherent to the fibrous tissues

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ber of operations in the brief period of a clinic is a source of

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or what is of equal importance, a condition of irritability, the

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Fig. 1 — Lower extremities of a case of Achondroplasia. Male, aged

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ter, or bladder. The differential diagnosis of affections of

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contained a large number of congested vessels. This tissue was infiltrated with numerous

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and 5 positive, in clinically certain carcinoma cases 1 negative

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with nodular or otherwise altered joints that were the

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acid had failed. It has proved in' his hands equally powerful to arrest

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N. Y., 1890, ii, 42,— Helm (G. P.) Five ca.ses of iujni y to

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Four circular perforations represent the respective areas of

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dulce [officinale, D.] ; Caraway, of Carum Carui. They

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or less wide, hyaline, unstained capsule. These were present within giant cells

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Altliouih the doctor was doubtless right in regarding

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tion is the failure of any one of the diseases to confer

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water dressing if it prove agreeable to the patient, and we

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Summer renews need for pesticides — and caution . 212

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concealed the taste of the whisky, but had no thera-

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In a recent case of the facio-scapulo-humeral type, observed in the

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media; color in media, none, or brownish to almost black.

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globin, 12.9 gms. per cent; sedimentation rate, 53 mm. in

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on all hands, that a practitioner of mediocrity is a

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The strides in tropical medicine are so rapid that unless

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able cases, as are also those showing evidence of any debilitating

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Holmes, M.D.; Charles H. Leet, M.D. ; WUliam Madden,

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cUronique de la \-iilve. Arch. clin. de Bordeaux, 1894, iii,

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have been somewhat reduced, temperature, breathing, and pulse

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until the Tith. 4 days after liis admission. There was then a

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» Elliott H. R. : Jour. A. M. A., bdi, No. 14, 1914.

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The diarrhea may be consequent to irritation by intes-

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■ eruotattons and pnffinesa of the stomacb. The soanty and higji