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I found it crowded with spermatozoa. He evidently laboured under
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the case be one of active and febrile dropsy, or of chronic and
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posterior part of the ripht lateral column of the cervical
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isters by the rectum, about H eg. in a suppository. The relief
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say I have. Do you know Dr. H. of Cortland county?"
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pulse, therefore, must ever regulate the employment of blood-
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the development of two views as to how disease should be
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when the face is pallid. The loss of consciousness may be com-
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soon become chronic, resulting in formation of granu-
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prismatic scale, though this is caused by but a small fraction
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and pelvic cavities has been made under Professor Cunningham's super-
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influence no relapse occurred ; but here, as in regjird to the action of
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persist, interstitial changes, which may at first have been indistinct or
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which has been imparted to them by the particles of the
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day after he had presented himself for examination.
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live with her and her husband, but the deceased refused. By much persua-
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appears in the urine. This same acidity explains the casts and the other
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leucocythaernia, ague, purpura, scurvy, and pysemia.
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to six hours, the number of parasites in the blood of the
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and enthusiastic reformers, witli the exception of a few
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curred, but soon had proper attention. She was afterwards delivered of
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asleep on the roof of his house, during a chilly night,
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Currie, P., M. D., Practice of Homoeopathy. Rev 173
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must be insignificant; pure water substituted would do quite as well, if not
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present during life, since we always find that these
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usual fare; we must secure 100 such certificates to get reduced rates.
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limits of our duties in the two directions in which our mmds
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treatment has been instituted. Manson,- who has had a large
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if, even in this professional notice I failed to speak of his christian
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Either physicians take control of their destiny or be
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used is really not important. The real necessity is
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In addition to this, ophthalmoscopic examination reveals a peculiar and
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in carbohydrate metabolism, the blood sugar curve after the ingestion