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of the first symptoms of osteitis. Judging from analogy, the

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tic potash, but this point is still under investigation. — Amialcs and

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and conjunctiva apparently bloodless, surface cold,

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undue pain caused by its application, and is in itself an aid

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incapable of ofifering a resistance equal to the pressure made

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As a fundamental difference between them, Mr Hutchinson insists, pei'haps

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of them np diagonally from one corner, making a large cylinder. The

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of vessels inspected, spoken and disinfected. 305.*). The sta-

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With one end occluded, and in a state of chronic inflamma-

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(in the long a.xis of the thigh), about four inches lon-r,

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scanty. A small amount of albumin is common, and hyaline casts may

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cultivated in chicken broth, proved fatal to fowls inoculated

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danger in these cases is the spasm and not the inflamma-

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should be viewed with suspicion when occurring in local-

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the latter means, it is to be feared, was too mucii the practice of some

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The aetiology of chronic ulceration and stricture is undoubtedly obscure.

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reaction following the injections was severe, and corresponded exactly

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surface of the underlying dermis. This condition existed on the day

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women, 20 to 30 years. Comes on slowly. It occurs in connection

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person desiring to register shall pursue the following course of study :

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unfortunate authors and players; and altogether kept up for a

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large cities in the Midlands. It is invariably interesting to know how

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afflict the female at that critical period of life. In September,

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probably, the detention in this situation of the feces, and the presence of irri-

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is thus brought into increased action, whilst that which during

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absolutely equal footing in every respect with those who are strictly

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theria by plating. For this purpose the colonies supposed to be diph-

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Conference with difl'erent mc^mbers of the faculty brings out

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A Table Showing the Number of Drops in a Fluidrachm, also

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exact conclusion touching the case. It is a great pity that an autopsy

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scesses In tubercular conditions) for fear of convert-

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tioner is a little different from that recorded in text-books. First, we

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clear and unvarying principle of variation, and that is

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secretion, lie pulin- fragments of the tonsillar tissue. Also on the right

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neoplasms ; traumas of the vascular coats ; infarction. Causes of blocking ;

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mate. The latter is an essential element in the treatment. Its influ-