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the membrane over the cornea, as easily, as it passed up to
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his experiments on the intraspinal inoculation of meningococci in
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trial of the Stibium Sulphur etum Auranticum, as mentioned in the
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was increasing in quantity, and the swelling diminishing; when
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" 'J^he instrument was introduced about an inch below the anterior
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motor nerves, and thus causing dilatation of the arterioles. Belladonna ex-
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sometimes food can again be taken by the mouth. Life is
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mucous membranes of those exposed to its influence, and its presence is indi-
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Such cases as these suggested the inquiry at the head of this paper,
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the paper was to speak of the value of certain inter-
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through the skin obliquely make an oval aperture of exit,
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the predominant symptom, it is certainly strange therapeutics,
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fourth year, inclusive, the death rate in recurrence was between 12.5
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dryness of the tongue and fauces, with flushing of the face, fe-
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albumiu, which is said to be sixty times more poisonous than
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Cyanosis is not present. The liver is not enlarged, and the normal amount
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The latter mode of proceeding applies strictly to the exclu-
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at once by the discharge of blood from the anus, with faintness,
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Hence the disease is declared not of an inflammatory na-
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pathology and bacteriology. The requirements for ad-
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he will begin to take some of the dissolved foods, per-
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infection. Corner has called attention to the fact biologically the cecum
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sugar, even when the blood sugar has fallen down to 0.108 per cent. The
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dilutions at intervals of several days. I saw him on the 24th
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which his hand has written so many tens of times, — they know
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prostatic enlargement, for it empties the distended follicles
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still be greatly reduced, and that 10 to 12 per 1,000 may be
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of other races; and that, generally speaking, all persons of
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phthisis, approximately one in every four gave a history of
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the chapel were the conventual buildings and other tenements in the
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its drift. It tends to divorce two important and mutually
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sequent applications. Xo serious inconvenience is caused by the
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on board the Dreadnought, and it is not too much to say that
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to practise it. In fact, it is our plain duty to use it
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high, but may persist for a very much longer time. The
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sharply on free mineral acids, it reacts also on other very weak
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rise or fall of blood pressure, and that the blood pressure may be
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