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the eyes had a peculiar appearance, and that he did not

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chronic suppurative otitis consists of irri- which the uterus could be re-inverted be

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D'Etiolles held that exercise was the "bellows blowing," which gave a good

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affect his flying judgment and quickness of decision.

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sustained by the normal controls was not measured, due to an oversight.

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tions and Duties of Officers serving in the Medical Department,

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He was astonished to find that the vas deferens was so

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down as much as possible. Of course, the pressure used will depend

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relation between complications and the white count. He does not consider a

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on for a year, and he improved and began to gain in weight.

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and the heart has become insufficient, albuminuria and cylindruria

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way for the shaft of the cutting or divulsing instrument. Un-

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no ocular symptoms or sensory disturbance. In regard

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others. Paralysis of right arm and loss of power to

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seized by the forceps, and then, whatever is diseased must be cut away, so that

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the right, and the left corner of the mouth was elevated,

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have in his house, &c. any game (except game kept in a

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work is both a literary and scientific model. The reader feels that the

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ness of the choroid and retina, with undue hyperemia of the

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Cohoes, on a salary of $900. to which is added a n^pnthly al-

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—Wells traces the history of medical knowledge of the causes of

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is debarred from society and the pleasures of the world, consequently

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Circulars containing full information will be sent upon application to the President

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resonance over one apex, fine moist rales at end of in-

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diaphoretics elaterium gamboge jalap generous diet, &c.,

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tolic pressure; +d, increased diastolic pressure; +ds, increased systolic and diastolic pressure

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various topics have been presented and discussed also show that

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day he begins to lose his desire for it. He will usually refuse

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gist, I tremble for the cord. In view of such solici-

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increased. Abdominal walls always tense and resisting palpa-

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gloves and shoes almost every year for several years. Now,

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and ptyalism has occurred, the sore mouth will be an obstinate and

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the other hand, may react to an emotional appeal, just as intellectually phrased, but dealing

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