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trifling, three napkins only having been stained, but the de-
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of seventy years. We shall then see no dejected countenances — no
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abnormal foot are not considered, for fashions in shoe-shapes change
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natural state. Nor will heating the body remove the
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the distribution of the small sciatic nerve on the back of the thigh
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constant (fig. 1). The cavity is roughly circular in outline in the
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by an experienced scientific chemist, will prove. Indeed, the
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costiveness. It is ascribed to a disordered alimentary
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Journals of the American Medical Association. Chicago 111:
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most touching. None but a brute could have failed to be kind to him.
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were evaluated. Consequently, new frequencies were established based on esthetic
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that its advantages are so pronounced and so easily demon-
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the absence of B. Coli may not be a safe water supply, because there
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head fomentations, with calomel and opium at bed-time, and called in
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ach. The right kidney can be palpated in its entirety
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an extension of the infiltration from the right nostril to the left and,
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The absurd jealousy of English surgeons toward their medical
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nel. Why all this ? She is pale, because her blood is pale ; and the
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33. Prqtnancy Following Ventro-suspension of the Uterus.
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diseases when so highly diluted as they are in the air
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Physical Examination. — " The precordia is prominent and
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the finger will also come in contact with the membranes if we persist a
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'"in ir;l"cdl"ed the first stage, diarrhcBa is the most .conspicuous
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he had — well, not attempted to bring to life. When the monster had the
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Mary M. Lyons, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Surgery (Anaesthetics).
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sions. Double vision is a curious phenomenon, occasionally arising in
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taught us, neither upon inflammatory swelling, nor (far less) upon
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aorta and aortic valves in these cases is atheroma, but the damage
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softer than in others, and here the tissue seems to be honeycombed by numbers
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says that ^^ Bebecca Quarana was the author of a book on fevers.''
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the foot of the bed, and to place the patient either on the
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indications are that the meeting to be held at St. Paul, on
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mended for Thesis); Daniel M'Kelvey (M.C), Ireland, M.B., Ch.B.,
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quence of exposure to atmospheric germs has not resulted
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or Ible Ailai. u II l> ibg tuGii can'enieai work or I
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heads, as follows : i. May a person suffering from some
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principle. Toxemia affords the easiest explanation of