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corps who receive a small salary. Two days out of three they
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truth of which we have been forced by large experience; and its physiological expla*
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inguinal region, the axilla being the second site of elec-
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however, should be used with caution ; but more advan-
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2 recoveries. The digital nerve, 1 case: recovery. The peroneal nerve,
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expressing cells 4 ; using a-emitting isotopes or toxins conju-
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guishable from one another, it is often better to keep them imited under a
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and thin at its anterior extremity ; one-third or one-quarter of a
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may appear to them necessary," — was also negatived. The motion was then
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of the interior to the theater of operations, where they came under
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here, at Flensburg, or in the movable military hospitals (ambu-
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Association, having as its main objects the growing, collection,
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by a small series of reports by observers whose attention has thus been
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sufiicient intrinsic interest to justify the present paper on general
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But besides acting beneficially as a means of relaxing the os, the
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congenital defects due to "a late rotation of the bowel and descent of the
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"V^"'^'^'^' "'-'^ ^'i'- ''-'"•■- I"' >■", In- hr, u.l,t iM.k „, n-.viw ,„tc.,n.-n
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guine irritation in the brain or its meninges, giving rise to the
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entity, and to regard it as having a uniform quantitative and
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interest. The patient, a friend of mine, was operated upon
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As to the sewerage matter ; I do not want to say to-
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16 patients with pulmonary emboli and in^the treated
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Treatment. — The crusts should be removed by oil, or
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to smallest bronchi, 10 cases; nose, pharynx, larynx, and trachea, 1
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'Procter, H. R., /. Chem. Soc, 1914, cv, 313. Procter, H. R., and Wilson.
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frequent fribrillary twitching of the muscles of face,
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indiscriminate operative interference with the so-called " sterile
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and even cardiac diseases, the inflammation of the mucous membrane
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ankle joint, is about the same as the voluntary, although
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this fact has been understood the results of treatment have
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mencement of a pneumonia cannot be traced to fever, pain, and to the
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We are very favorably impressed with this compend; it is a condensed abstract
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an early practitioner was often forced to set out on horseback with a load of bulky
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these experiments held that the convulsions were not of the nature of
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speaker's own alma mater, had been merged in Toronto University
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fewest possible words, or his reader is sure to skip them ; and in the plainest possible words, or his
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existence, and learned stenography, finally obtaining a post at
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ligaments there is necessarily concomitant muscle weakness,