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Threats are not sp.ared that if the ladies do not have their own

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recovered from the effects of the incision. Funnel-shaped excision of the cervix

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cases, for " bringing up the baby on the bottle." And

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the future with various life expectancies. Their subse-

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of submersion in dust-like substances, as when children

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hiemorrhage. Syncope is by no means uncommon, and should

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landmarks could provide. But following the procedure

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Extreme debility, accompanied with a yellowish tinge of the

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25. Howland J, Sargent J, Weitzman M, et al: Barriers to bicycle helmet

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microphone and Lycia Corkran from the Medical College of Wisconsin.

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order that they might be prepared at the trial with evidence, which nothing but

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an analysis of two hundred and thirty-four cases treated in

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being at the rate of 1 in 16 '5 8, as compared with 1 in 6-77 in

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1. — SplenomeduUary lienkemia Treated by X-ray. —

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time should be lost, lest the bone beneath be afi'ected ; but in the most prominent

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The vertigo was described as a sensation of constantly

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stiffness of the neck, and within a few hours of a sor6

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Poisonous metals, animal parasites, and bacteria, make up the three

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one quart and two ounces, and began dilating cervix with

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lotions containing sodium bica^rbonate are also highly esteemed.

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ent and he must fight it with the weapons tliat he has

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moreover, it would have been impracticable. I preferred, therefore,

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thickly coated ; ordered a mercurial cathartic ; on

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travelling along all vaso-constrictor nerves. In anae-

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intercostal spaces will usually stimulate the heart. Some-

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sent day are pretty well satisfied that in all cases of insanity,

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and challenge of clinical laboratory problems related to pathogenesis,

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or it may be confined to one or more of its individual branches {local

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Any local irritation will, in certain habits, cause inflammation

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the curette is to be inserted between the lips of the incision,

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fluid in the renal cyst was a valve-like fold of the mucous mem-

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directly with the distance between the muscles concerned

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had considerable misgivings regarding what effect any

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doses of thirty grains four times per day, as recommended by Professor Da-