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pain had steadily increased. Examination under ether

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pied by the nurses, yet affording insuflfirient ac-

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out the circumference of the flat surface of the ear-piece

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three weeks. It was found that the student in charge had

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large number of my friends and patrons. I assure you that I shall not only con-

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and opened into a small ureter, distinct and separate from

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WoLVEBTON, W. D., Mixjor .and Surgeon. Granted one month's

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Navy, died "on Sunday evening, October 24th, aged seventy-

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well, but the part has now healed. Continue the febrifuge pow-

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was plainly the fault of the conductor in not making a definite assign-

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Category V, (A). To view these, you will need access to equipment that can play 3/4" videocassettes with a colored television

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erysipelas of the ear, and no one would think of removing that organ.

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navy physician in the British fleet in the Mediterra-

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A small dose repeated every thirty minutes to two hours.

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vocated than to his implicit faith in Dr. Loomis. He

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very beet position ; whereas, in some London instruments, it is placed

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closet " nearly every two minutes." He passed a very small quantity

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if compound, or make one if in doubt, and see the sur-

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While many interesting cases are described, some few

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the parasites either die out or become permanently inert. So I

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rather characteristic of gastric ulcer, and stated that

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given a lethal dose of morphine daily, so that we have citation on the

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a laminated mass of tissue is situated similarly to that met with in

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chronic cases, such as fibrous bands, pouches, sacs,

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South Sea Iflands with which the Porpoife had any communi-

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tinually acting diaphragm, the presence of an unusual

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inflammation of the heart or its membranes. A case has been

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Our f'apsule^ an miiaufartured bj means of improved apparalus. prixlociDg lh«

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will always make a better impression than when abstractedly-

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down, to the right and left, the greater part of the fun-

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Put the chamomile into a jug with the orange peel. Pour

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erations of the Perineum," which was profusely illustrated. [See p. 253.]

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entertained by Professor Mitchell as to the spinal origin of

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required to place one over the injured parts at very short in-

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ment by means of the Calotte. This consisted in spreading a very

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the following varieties of cells could be distinguished :

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