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On the 27th of January, 1883, 1 removed this inguinal tumor,

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mutate from one variety to another. Although very closely allied,

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may pass into the peritoneum, through the breach left by the needle, and give rise

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Wisconsin State Medical Society, Waukesha, June 26.

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Lewes, to explain the matter, he said that he did not

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winter. She also had flashes of heat characteristic of the

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I explained the nature of the disease to the patient, and sub-

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appendix itself. The exact extent which the peritonitis

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other causes. In infancy, if a syphilitic child has a rash, it is

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Four Recent Cases of Extra-Genital Syphilis in Private Practice. By

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tated death. It remains, therefore, for the future to

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Enormous quantities of lead service pipes are still in use, not only

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body is not uncommon, and often shows a family prevalence.

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the cortical layers of the shaft of a small rod-shaped bacterium." The

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the only substances in these waters are carbonic acid, a small quantity

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merely an accidental concomitant, is, of course, a matter of

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part affected to be washed wii> a strong solution of soap and

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Saleratus must be carefully avoided, as the salts which they form with

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or later, however, as the disease progresses they reappear and may

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probable presentation of the child at the time of parturition," and that "to

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promptly used. As sweating b^ns the oody must be covered with a

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tion into some internal organ, or even into the subcutaneous

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oesophagus is whitisli^ that of the stomach and duodenum of a

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Industrial School, etc., desires a position with corresponding work in a M

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No one has mental ability enough at the present time to

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one year after the operation, his state is as follows : — The disease is

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find that a uterine cavity still exists, and is lined completely by decidual mucosa.

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8., iv, 719-722. Also: Bull. m6d.. Par.. 1^97. xi, 666-668.—

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got into it ; yet he had seen a case where the appendix

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applied clinically in 1921 to the newborn infant of a

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on top, and bake twenty minutes. Coffee ice-cream: 1)4