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the four-per-cent. solution of cocaine. Details same as in No.
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In regard to the treatment there is not much to be said. Meyer^ used
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tion of a tumor of the breast, which was removed b}' Dr.
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the facilities given for insect transmission, to direct or indirect
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days I was well acquainted with a practitioner of medicine who was
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goats' milk. Before the researches of this commission the common
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spoken of, and the sum of £17 was given to start with. In
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venience of the examiners and the candidates, it would matter
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symptoms of any kind. He then chewed and swallowed the fourth part ol
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called into action on great emergencies, and we shall see why this
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smaller intertubular vessels are especially involved and are often entirely
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cidal powers of the vaginal secretion. It is certain that the
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mechanical conditions by fixing the joints in the best
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base of the moxa. The manner in which these contrivances
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Similar considerations may apply to patients with ischemic heart or cere-
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which dissolve with effervescence upon the addition of add. The
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Mrs H., aged 27, primipara ; delivered 6th May. At 5 p.m., the
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and they gave a history of blindness in other members of the family.
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IKBOPATHIG to a hoal affection, may be applied to the parts as a lotion,
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to my several wants ; but still with a subservience to
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determination of the base year costs in the NPR for the base year.
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added to discourage deliberate overdosage; strictly
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run down, making a large sore, or get into the eye. It is
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duration, 1 or 2 years : female, 5%. Dorsal curvature, complete
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by their pathological histology. There are, however, a number of the
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chance of the patient's having children in the future, even when
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of the opening. Every means should be resorted to, by division
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this he has appended other chapters on the detection of Antimony, Tin.
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tioner, because at any time he may be called upon to inspect
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in London to get the ordinary diplomas. They may have
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ground previously occupied by retreating armies. For dissemin-
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Afterwards Dr. Marchiafava at Rome was able to demonstrate spores and
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possibly block up a hole in the intestines sufficient to prevent the
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no doubt, soon decide as to the extent to which this
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the summer camps were so great, for the evidence is clear
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and a hyperbolical phraseology in speaking upon the subject,
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rriatter; and the skin along the remaining tion to the publication of what I may say in
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