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a condition of relaxation, and the uterus is enlarged ami
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An interesting observation has been made by Christison,^ in Scotland.
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Touverture des glandes s'agrandit, elles ne tardentpas ase recourber irregulierement sous
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of the thyroid gland, in which cases it is due to the parathyroids also being
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cotton-filter, and of carbonic acid by the chemical absorbent of
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seconded the resolution. He spoke of tlie danger of "agreed
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compulsory school law, with the elevation valuable publicity work. The reorgani-
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giving one week's rest after three weeks' treatment. As the
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mon duct into the pancreatic ducts. This has been em-
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1 Publihid by permission of the Surgeon-General of the United States Army.
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of Christian discipline which might be called primitive in its ex-
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toxin, to <rct several varieties of streptococci, or probably hy
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of the charge made by Sir D. Corrigan on the authority of
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Patients coming under observation with non-hyperplastic toxic
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quicker, and if you need to do an operation you have taken a preliminary
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chronic inflammatory affections of the eyes and eyelids, qualifled by dis-
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writers time after time), so that the acquisition of extra psycho-
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expressing cells 4 ; using a-emitting isotopes or toxins conju-
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A gracious Brick Mediterranean home. Choice location, cook's kitchen,
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it Was not contagious, and that it originated de novo, and_
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of mercury and low diet, was laid aside. A single dose of jalap and
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principles of personal hygiene and the employment of masks.
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to form. In the outer circle, however, the stimulant solution
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sive disease of infancy due to fever, to exhaustive
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ear, so that any sounds which the patient hears must be apjire-
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any other factor. There is hardly a surgical clinic in the country that
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gave to the school of Asclepiadse in the Island of Cos long
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two or three suspicious cases have been found among
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and this was done during two years. The only effect of the treatment hitherto
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works of the largest medical library on the continent, with little
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terrupted sutures, water-dressing applied, and she placed
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at the periphery, from which delicate stride will gradually be seen to
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plained of increasing itchiness over dorsal aspect of both
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in fifty cadavers and in more than one hundred living
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protoplasm, from which arise numerous processes which pass out in all direc-
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29. Hadley EC: Bladder training and related strategies for urinary
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