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5h. 33m. Administered forty drops more of tincture. Two minutes
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contents, and the presence of foci of infection in the intestines or elsewhere,
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The first case was a woman who had been delivered of a child.
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of the temporal bone, with its net-work of cells, and the sinus transver-
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arteries completely deprives the pulse-wave of its energy at this point,
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dilution or .00025 c.c. of the original, w^hich is equivalent to
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men, which fills the cyst and which may present various shades
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and its inevitable result is a separation of the earthy phosphates. Often it is
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to the officers named. The medals, which are of gold and of
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several times examined urines which contained no albu-
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ness of the choroid and retina, with undue hyperemia of the
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objects in view, viz.: (a) the cure of the disease, and (b) the pro-
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which ran its course in the usual time. The disease
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Strictly speaking, then, this procedure does not give an exact registration of the
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SoRENSEN, S p., and JtJRGENSEN (1911). Biochem. Zeitschr. xxxi. 397.
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wound was irrigated with Koch's solution (mercuric bi-
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dates for seats in Parliament to support a Bill containing the requisite
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cultivated in chicken broth, proved fatal to fowls inoculated
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above had disappeared. The patient continued to Improve after this for a short
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Examination for bacilli was negative for the lungs, but .
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1%. What consistency, I ask, is there in advising a
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cannot be overcome. This extremity may be the doctor's
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removed our friend and brother, Rev. Wm. M. Van Wa-
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managing pulmonary tuberculosis, as might be said, is before it is fully
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symbol of wisdom, as it is admittedly the shrewdest and
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one stone," etc. He was quite clever in defending the
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throat affections, reporting cases to show its success. Jts ad-
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â– ome intercurrent or superadded affection. The duration in fatal cases
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virus was bought from 15 different pharmacies and tested carefully
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intercostal space, just inside the left nipple. Ac-
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that in addition to the thyroidectin he also gave strychnine and sodixmi
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with an abraded skin,' and it does not desire that paragraph No.
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Lastly, one must bear in mind that in exceptional cases a morbid
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trunk and extremities. Sometimes they are neither strictly con-
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quickly followed by a stiffening of all the muscles : in this condition the mouse
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certain cases of Tetanus, appear to be referable not so much to deranged circulation in
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gestion, and infiltration, rarely terminating in ulcerative change.
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