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three hours. — Dr. J. B. Brown in Homoeopathic Journal of
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early in the covering just over the tumors, causing thickening and ad-
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soil, brick-in-cement lining was resorted to. Distribution was by
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only never failed to benefit and cure, but I know no remedy
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manifested no inclination to move, so high enemas were resorted to,
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laity, for which they are generally prompt to give some
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horse, is the most expensive colour, and that fancy colours
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^"^ "f ' T^ which a drainage tube is inserted, is an op-
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xiii, 209; 217; 225; 238; 248; 255; 265. Also. Reprint.
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into a series of smaller abscesses separated by remains of the connective
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Causes ok Chest Pains. — (H. M. Brown, M. I)., Cincinnati Medical
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epilepsi; trepanation. Giiteborgs Lak -siillsk. Forh., 18.94,
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and we have the promise of yap -rs before the sections
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this strictness of meaning. For a thrombus of the vulva indicates a clot
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the other. As a rule the later attack w r as more severe, but not invariably
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The acute inflammation of this tissue, is sometimes productive
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be capable of bringing it on more directly. It seems most probable the
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be had recourse to, and it cannot be done too early.
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of the chest. This advice is now l>eing followed.
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of inspiration and expiration through the mouth, instead of through
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trephine hole ; and Bergmann rendered a child comatose by compressing a
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September, 1887, of seventy-three, and for the year ending
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entirelv in front and nearly to the median line. In her weakened con-
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to the consideration of Parliament the measures of hygienic
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tions on " Preventive Medicine." Among other things it
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and ten years of age, as children under two show for a general average
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established as a vera causa. The same cannot be stated as regards the dis-
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with tuberculosis in chihlren, that tu})erculosis of the cervical
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tional symptoms of a much graver character, or rather it could not
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Magnesia. — Foals and Calves, dr. 1-2 (gm. 4.-8.). D., gr, 5-60 (gm, ,3-4.).