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to be serviceable to their constituents : and this Mr. W. H.

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is no great improvement. If in early stages, the same treatment

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reported, by Mayor, in which the lesion was also limited to the inner

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sigmoid variety ; several of the operated cases referred to by

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anode — a metallic plate well padded with compressed

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:appearing as it became slower. The large veins in the neck

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sity with fiscal affairs. While such matters are of

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case of Housemaid 1 s Knee, it seems needless to state that the

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called a man of genius ; that is, genius was not his

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mouth, the time has come when in every district through-

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As we shall see later, the differing results of these observers was

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proteids characteristic of all cellular food materials. Many other organic

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was perhaps due to impatience of ignorance in candi-

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ner given by Professor Panum. — Turhey''s Homage to 21. Pas-

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M. Sig.: Spread upon cloths and keep in place with a

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better to treat both sides according to Owen's method ; but in

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of every garment sold at this store. Moderate Price

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result of chloroform ; and though she was liberally supplied

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nor tenderness over abdominal region. I gave him stomach

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terior and left side had occurred since her previous

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In a case which I have seen recently, that of a man who fell over 40 ft.

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recommend delay for six weeks. In the frontal sinus case referred to above

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pooia JO -iuao ja J ^ ^ 1 5 S i S 3 5 ='5 = 525 5 5 5 5 =' = 5 =■ -' 5 5 5 5 = 5 5 5 = =' 5 5 5 =' 5 =' §

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nus ou inapereus. Mais cette opinion est un peu trop absolue. Ces symptomes pre-

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asepsis, a good light, and care to cut the places of least

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lation of plans for such a campaign would be profitable, but time does

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His sight and hearing are unimpaired. His activity is remark-

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fatal cases, but now these other gentlemen began to make a similar

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Small ovarian growths, with comparatively few adhe-

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down to the use of the hydrargyji oxidum rubium. My

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avoid perforating the wall, an occurrence by no means infrequent in

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rather, infarcts. Their form supports this last view, though posi-

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and which usually attacks the integument of the face, though no part