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from the proceeds of the Merritt H. Cash Prize Fund,

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easily by pouring 2 or 3 drops of chloroform in the

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not been convinced either of the practicability or the useful-

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reported, by Mayor, in which the lesion was also limited to the inner

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diathesis," and so far from Vjeing a dangerous vas-

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the treatment against the advice of his physicians. He suffered agonies

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evacuations of hard, dark, lumpy fseculent matter, coated with

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The wounds were closed with silkworm-gut and healed without

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and anaemic. When thin sections are held to the light, they present a

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difficulties by the description of the simple and effective

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considerable increase in the quantity of urine ; in others, the restoration

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midst the last of a generation that revered the lancet, and

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contents. Solid contents, water and other liquids, or gases, may serve

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The method belongs to American surgery, and is deserv-

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armed them of the natural delicacy as to such matters, and changed

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ducing my finger, and found the entire posterior wall

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measure — one not nihilistic ; Rest, Milk, Hot Sweating, heart tonics in

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tirely dependent upon the heat of the weather, or, during the autumn, upon the change

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bilirubin concentration in plasma, we record what proportion of bile

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by absolute unconsciousness, altliougli the patient has the most

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whole follicle. It may occur as part of a general inflammation of the skin,

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coated with a thick yellowish-white coat, dry in centre ; gums firm and of

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in the West, not far distant from each other, Lake Minnetonka,

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preceded by the granular state. The fact has been proved by

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Kidneys. — Small doses of sodium sulphate are absorbed

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My observations continued through a series of 300 cases

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has resided in the United Kingdom for a period of not less

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ingly, an underlying dementing process may be consid-

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ppejl tophtan pelb, the blazing seats , ib. p. 5, line 13,

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rarily, it is doubtful whether they have yet saved a

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that pain, taken in the abstract, is but a lesion of sensibility,

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excitement of important business the eyes are used with apparent ease,

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free from pain, and after ten days' regular employment of the

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