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of the medical profession that has made wonderful developments in

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the peritoneum, in the perichondrium of the ear, and in the

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more readily observed. The phosphotungstic-haemotoxylin method

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lHi<l<lel<lorpf ( G.) Ueber Fracturen der voi deren

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m. on the 9th. which will enable the Park Transporta-

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fever. J. Trop. M., Lond.j^ 1898-9, i, 288.— Burdel (E.)

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things, and calculated to greatly promote research and improvement in the domain of

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east has the best situation, as it has the shade in summer and the sun in

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But reform is in progress. The Dispensatory and the Pharma-

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this power under the dominion of the law of periodicity, which is seen

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I am as little sanguine of the effect of these new remedies as of the

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administered it, beyond the ordinary characteristics of all anes-

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phenomena, though carefully searched for by Osier in a large nuniber of

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vestigators and shown that the influence of this drug

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beats to the minute, one can easily hear that the first tone in the

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which should be kept at all times dearly in view. The student should ever remember

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making a tight joint so that there would be no bile leakage.

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very able address. It was scholarly and pocket, etc. ; $1.25, net. Lea & Febiger,

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in the works of Galen, this must not be accepted as evidence

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ness of the Dust in the Adirondack Cottages, by Dr. Irwin

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1960. Kitchell, J. Roderick, Abington Hospital Medical Office Bldg., 1245 Highland Ave.,

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of differential diagnosis. The important points the Doctor has brought

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fore desirable to improve the general health Anaphylaxis is entirely without results in

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The interest of this subject has led us to make inqui-

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and pounds of unsafe, adulterated and improper drugs and medicines.

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seventy times, while fluid pours from the nose, tears roll down

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shown a large excretion of organic acids are in danger of devel-

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ovarian vein of the same side also contained a clot,

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•22 Smith : Splenectomy for Splenojnegalic Cirrhosis

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frequently recurring or persisting, it points to the existence of a tubercu-

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Hydrocephalus complicated by Eclampsia. Fibroids, and a Contraction lUng.

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Iiitcguiiuntary System. — The skin is usually hot and dry.

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^he bacterial toxines. — Much has been written upon '' toxines " in

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all the day out of doors— Avalking about as he liked, and slept in a room

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signs of blood appeared. Patient left institution in December.

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subarachnoidal spaces) grow to a larger size and assume an irregularly