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examination furnishes the most useful evidence. When in the pres-

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sulphate is then filtered and to the filtrate is added one drop of a dilute

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consider the condition of the heart and arteries at this age in

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"soaking," it is tersely asserted, "is better than soap-

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MacDonnell. Dr. MacDonnell attended the funeral of the late

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the lungs Were found engorged with dark fluid blood. Soft coagula were found in the left

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pushed forward by a vis a tergo it is drawn along by a ins a fronte, the

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The nerve fibres (some of which may originate in the nucleus of the

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filiform bougie was with difficulty passed into the bladder,

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t Report ed by Mr. Robert Francis M. Russell, Clinical Clerk.

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weight of about seven pounds, suspended from above,

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sufficient to decide the question as to whether the deficiency of the liver in

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the fact that fullness of knowledge in any science cannot be attained at

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from the secretary of the local board at any of the following named places : At places marked

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curvature also the position of the heart is often much modified, being

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29. Sutherland DER, Goetz FC. Moudry KC, et al: Pancreatic transplanta-

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to one side before the incision was made ; this caused the wound

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ness as an excellent manual for the Practitioner iu all that

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indication is acute articular rheumatism. It is a speclficforlnfluenza, Migraine, etc.

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fly, the trypanosomes may be found in the blood or in gland juice.

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with much interest, for it represents the practical operative

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urea, but no casts. Pelvic diameters were as follows : Anterior superior

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the future of this disease on account of the serum treat-

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able to support a large population ; it is now entirely,

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entered the middle of the forehead, abraded the cor-

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means by T\-liich suffering may be mitigated or life pro-

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pens. The article which Dr. Porter intended to refer to is what

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and in the lower portion if it is in the small intestine. Peristalsis is increaMd