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the air-tubes or stomach by rain-water. The child was probably thrust into
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tusions where the tissues are bruised and rendered more
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lowing in the order of frequency: Breast muscles, deltoid, triceps and
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tail, also abound. The former is four or five times the size of the hit
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journals report the case of an English naval surgeon
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a physician. This part of her duty complied with, she will see
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been no return of the hemorrhage. Ordered castor oil; con-
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The Chair replied that, on the wording of the By-Laws, he had decided the motion
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Dr. Mitchell states, that the mere abstraction of water from the lens is
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and sweepings of rooms and other places where dried sputum may collect.
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* Power is a significant word. It implies the exercise of some inherent
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constitutes but 14.5 per cent of all contracted pelves
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lymphatic vessels, but in reality closed by a continuous layer of endo-
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adrenal vein and its tributaries. 13 ’ 4 7 8 It has been suggested
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and often resorts to mustard and poultices when a blister
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trusion of the anterior wall of the vagina, which she had supposed, as already
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Lesions in the cortex, or interrupting the facial fibres in the internal
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ing — especially the third frontal convolution on the left side — the convolution
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application of leeches to the original one, was not instrumental
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sac was cut the liver retracted into the abdominal cavity
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nearly 10 per cent., but in the other cases these tests showed no evi-
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7. A motion to lay on the table shall be taken without debate ; when it prevails the
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lation of ingested nucleins or in the cellular purin metabolism. It is con-
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Boyden, Wm. C, China Grove., N. C. Med. Coll., 1913 1913 1914
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James Cecil Burton, M.D., the author's micle, an Aberdeenshire
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medical world the sense of the appalling ignorance on
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in a simple case of congenital wry-neck. The spasms vary in their
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observed in the feeding of dogs, no matter what breed they may
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ed leave of absence for thirty days, to take effect
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gested that whatever was true of tbe testicles in respect to
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bluish hue; his respirations were slow and shallow. He was
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