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your attention in the report of the doings of that body.

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this department, while it will prove equally valuable in enabling

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ical Society lost one of its strongest, most capable and

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Hastings, Toronto, and addresses by Dr. Evans of Chicago, Dr.

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arch, almost in the form of a loop. The canal was at the same time widened

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but the characteristic fetor is absent. Tubercle bacilli may be found

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interrupted or continued suture, and applying a light dressing.

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less than five died a few hours after it. It can make no diflFerenoe, in

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against the elbow forces the scapula back, and makes its

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Methodist Church, he cared very little about theology, but much

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lateral curvature, but in both it was slight in amount.

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ficate of Dr. Coventry, appointing him a Delegate to this Society

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chanical treatment is usually inefficient, and in these cases

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chief medical officer under Stanley in the search for

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registered person as "Dr. Lilly." ITie defendant was

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The percussion stroke should be made perpendicular to the surface

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considered; but, granting that infection is prevented, that the ad-

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of Medicine of Geveland, at the University Gub. At the conclusion of

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nairc. Par le Docteur S. A. Knopf. Paris : George Carre, editeur.

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than ataxia : first, a disproportionate fatigue after exercise, which is an

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within twenty-four hours. Occasionally, but not often, cases of

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established as a vera causa. The same cannot be stated as regards the dis-

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Cask 711: Irishman, laborer and boatman; age 30; height 6 feet; weight ISO poaD«ii

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and quite recently M'Veil, Murray, and Atkinson (Glasgow Hospital

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and its allied problems. My feeling is that the group idea is one of

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7. Elkind, D.: Freud, Jung and the Collective Unconscious. New York, The New

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Their average duration was about three weeks, and the cica-

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of the digestive tube ; interstitial gastritis ; and ulcerative enteritis. The

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state of the skin, ophthalmia, in old cases, and in the recent attacks,

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This subject continues to excite the keenest interest among abdominal

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worker. On this single observation speculations as to

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a sudden expectoration of large amounts of purulent matter, and a les-

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— (1.) Capillary bronchitis ; (2.) Bronchitis supervening on tuber-

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?aiea*r ¥iii.Ti rc^cci5i!< tae ieEaiais :f the urine, in which

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at Copenhagen. "In all the houses where the midwife called, 'they

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nieni bact6riologique. Rev. med. de la Suisse Rom.. Ge-

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which, accumulating in the liver, is absorbed into the circulation,