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in relation to the function of the kidney can only be conjectured,

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there is the greatest need of strength, to prevent its further yielding, is in the middle

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fever, but, on the contrary, aggravation of the pre-

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has been proposed by Mercier of Paris to call the ' portion susmontanale,'

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drawn from himself while he was insensible from the inhalation of

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nutritive alterations in them. Rupture of vessels may take place, but

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authority; and its febrifuge power has not only been experienced iii

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presence in the tissues of an animal parasite, the Trichina or

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and especially in the pathological laws which regulate diseased action of

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arterioles with elevation of blood pressure. It was

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not lessen the amount of malaria, not only by draining, but by the use

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ment as recommended in "Bronchitis" on cold part of legs. When

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the accumulation of experience has given considerable value to the

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therapists, dietitians, nurse clinicians, pharmacists and

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sipelatous processes in the skin, and its penetration by low organisms,

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It is in reality only necessary to assume the existence of com-

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MIDWEST: Laura D. Howes, Aries Advertising Representatives, 100 South Wacker Drive, Suite 2030, Chicago, IL 60606 • (312) 782-1100

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one. Duncan says that under ordinary conditions the

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of scarlatina or roseola, preceding the appearance of the proper

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is only part of the measures we must follow to make a diagnosis. For

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hold some object all day between his thumb and index-finger.

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41 Diphtheria Successfully Treated with Pilocarpine. J. A.

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China by which the hospital and other buildings of that Society and

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The symptoms of lead poisoning are : a blue line on the gums (sulphid

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of the immediate practical to allow me to indulge in this

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mitted to do work in research problems of bacteriology and immunology under

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affections, especially pulmonary tuberculosis, increases the emaciation.

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in association with acute symptoms serve to distinguish it from cyst

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nough that I have exposed the history of a disease, which no author

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compression been examined and explained to an extent that

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and tainted blood too, before it is available as food

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the naturalist of the expedition. To this he assented, and as the

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from the symptoms that it was a cyst of the right ovary. It proved to

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dangers of the procedure were, of course, explained to him, and

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lepsie. Mem. de therap. appliq. 1866, Par., 1867, vi, 121 -

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nourished ; retraction of chest walls above and below clavi-

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January 1, 1905. to January 1. 1906 paid for 13 pair

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as the disease called porrigo decalvans, and passing on