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We regret to have to announce the death of Mr. R. Wade,
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rather ill-defined groups which have been called the nuclei of
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tion of it, written in the 18th century, is a rare disease. It is clear, how-
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cooling in an iced bath, or— second best— by fans blowing over wet sheets or towels.
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Of all the English writers on the diseases of chil- living authorities in the difficult department of medi-
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any means that will simplify the process and improve
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The patient should be sponged over with soft tepid water,
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The fourth class is provided with four nuclear divisions with five
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contrary it sometimes happens that there is a raising of the level of the pulse-
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in the treatment of wounds in this war is of the greatest
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sometimes their fellows do not recognize it. They talk
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taUow, and other such materials. Soft Soap {Sapo mollis)
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Treatment. Indications. In the whole range of surgery I do
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Ann. diottal., Pavia, 1889, xviii, 210-2':9, 1 pi.- Mokerjee
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circulation and augmenting the temperature of the body. In larger doses
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dysentery, pyelitis, and vesical catarrh, are affections
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bothriocephalid tapeworm as occurring in the United States.
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many this last is no longer considered justifiable, because the
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occipito-frontal muscle. Microscopic sections kindly
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Examining board: President, Capt. H. C. Allen, S. C. ; Lieut. Theo. S.
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Prenatal clinic staff personnel did not always score
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delegates from diflTerent States met at Albany, N. Y. ,
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