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corps who receive a small salary. Two days out of three they

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affected side as for fracture of the ribs. In lumbago a large

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Hence it will be better to follow Dr. La Roche's advice,

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1878 Strugnell, Frederick "William, 45, Highgate Road,

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and found valueless for the control of the disease. In

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mortality attending all subsequent labors collectively ;

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the cortical layers of the shaft of a small rod-shaped bacterium." The

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Students who have failed in their examination for the degree

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system, can be attributed to obstructed circulation through the collapsed lungs

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Cooper. In 18fi9 ho was appointed to take charge of the syphi-

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is in most things, seems to believe in the doctrine of counter-

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of exposure to light required is less than half of that

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what Dr. Walton has said about the vaso-motor condi-

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at times, and had occasional attacks of hysterical excitement.

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can Medical Association in Chicago, June 18-22, 1989.

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and was also laughed at because, in contradistinction to the

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On August 2 2d, which was the tenth day after the patient's

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Method of Dupuytren. — The patient being seated with hi^

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scope, giving a beautiful illustration of its value.

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great as a morbid- and as a comparative anatomist. The Hunterian

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insist upon its continuance. Left dispensary April 13. I afterwards learnt

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hospital with a crush of the foot who would not have preferred

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lieve the best materials for clearing a solution of

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to form. In the outer circle, however, the stimulant solution

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supporting the patient's feet. Now realizing the force of the

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may be imposed as a substitute for the old-fashioned quarantines. An

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was over. Mr. Hutchinson was, however, too lynx-eyed an observer to be

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weeks ago and it gave him a great deal of pain ■ I

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error method (which in this case is merely a survival method), and

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hypercalcemia and hypophosphatemia have been observed in a few patients on prolonged I

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apertures of the milking-tube and prevented the further flow of the mercury;