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The work of the Laboratory has continued to increase in

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and some may be called universalists. Doctors Cullen,

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tumour will appear as a tough, white, fascia-like mass, con-

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find, so that a scraping of the deeper parts of the nail should always be

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these changes could not have taken place unless tlie capillary circulation

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dietf of enteric fever, though under some other diag-

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even by good observers, especially if there were no obvious paralytic sym-

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cal department, of which this hospital is to be an important

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The urine, as a rule, is normal except in those cases in which the

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that the extracellular poison does not produce morbid lesion and

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his death. He was also for several years an Examiner

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neuralgia of the ear cured by quinine. On the same page he says :

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anxious expression, and was tremb'ing from nervous ex-

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the patient so that he is looking up into the mouth. With a

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possesses at least one marble statue of Aesculapius, and in

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laid aside as useless. The objection, that this method can-

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only to weaken the pulse when it is strong, but to strengthen it when

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and in 10% of all cases of carcinoma. Fevers of the malarial

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By A. Dingwall Fordyce, M.D., Edinburgh (introduced).

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function of the other for a time. Though this patho-

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minated by free extremities, the one in the aorta, the other in

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gen Verauderungen an dem von Prof. Zebender angege-

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normal horse serum has a strong inhibiting effect on rennet, which was

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either during life or immediately after death ; for it can scarcely be supposed

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never in his experience been a matter of serious import.

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is manifest from tlic fact that they disappear as that condition is reduced

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foration, but the post-mortem disclosed two large openings

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colour changes. He who has carefully studied the lesions perceptible in

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We may get alonsr fairly well with an ankylosed knee,

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(left to right) front row; Judy Vogler, Bunny Lasch, Nancy Burger, Steve Halverson, (left to rigfit) bock row Brenda Foster

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Significance of the Staining Reaction of Leucocytes. —

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men. The only really reliable symptom of anal fissure is

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joints and strong legs, while a well-filled stomach will nourish these;

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The affection involves a constitutional predisposition. Persons are sub-

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not deny the possibility of the occurrence of sporadic cases even in the

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our comparative immunity from that awful disease. How eloquently Dr.

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something corresponding to a living principle, namely, some power. I had long