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less cases. Quinine, when thus administered, acts as a

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that the cultivated soils of a narrow strip of coast line in Santa Barl)ara

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kingdom, imparting their peculiar flavor to plants. Obtained

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Dr. Nelson is associated with the Section of Preventable Dis-

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to the organs and continued for several hours. In a similar manner

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he was both we are far from denying — he was never more

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sympathetic nerves by a tape- worm brought on glycosuria last-

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model of the eye has proven of so much use in illustrat-

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pain which reflects up' into the eye and back into the head. To relieve

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all roads should have a school of instruction in which new recruits

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7. In severe grades of inflammation of the appendages, irrespective of

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4 the mean frequency of the foetal heart was 145; the mother was pregnant for

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be used, which must be insulated at the contact with

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institutions engaged in Medical education. But can they

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points, as in the tube or ovary, and the danger of delay-

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must be treated on its own merits. Sir William described cases in relation

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vision of a special nurse. Convalescence uneventful ; men-

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while the boric remains untouched : and if boiling water be

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Board to be authorised to do so. The latter suggestion was

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child slept a great deal and rapidly regained his usual plump

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for healing of the operation wound was allowed for the perfect recov-

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secured from antifebrin and antipyrin, this failure is

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radical operation after the patient has been prepared for it. He has

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ful, — ^form a lateral branch of the tube and run in the wall of the uterus.

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By the Medical and Surgical Staff. Vol. XIV., Part 2. Svo, 5s.

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similar case is given by Lawrence,t in an old man, and another in a girl

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impunity, operation ought to be clone as early as diagnosis

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existences, privileges, and dignities. Mr. Wakley, a man of the

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widespread throughout the state, and indeed, the nation.

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Dr. de Schweinitz reports his findings as follows :

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The cover-glass is then taken out and decolorized with

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given by the figures for Denver in the north, 69%, Santa Fe,

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Case IV. — Thomas Cooke, aged 40, admitted into the Meath