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after treatment by the injection of acetic acid. The breast had
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and the mesentery dehydrated in alcohol, with fine scissors rec-
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which is born with a tail, without legs, and dies, if he comes to his
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to pneumonia, and also probably diminishes his chances
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Cases of Paralysis of the Fifth Cerebral Nerve. By Dr. II. D. Notes,
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Thousands of Unsolicited Testimonials from all Parts of the World.
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Iiitcguiiuntary System. — The skin is usually hot and dry.
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D. C. Mav 1. Among the papers to be read are .those by
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appearance as the trypanosoma Brucii, and multiplies
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general condition during the first three months of the
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Hirst, Montgomery, Massiey, and Baldy, to conduct a
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upon our senses, and we could not say, i feel, 1 hear, &;c. Therefore,
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He hoped the Society would in time have a sufficient
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sia, paralysis. Brown-Sequard was, I believe, the first to insist
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is confined to that organ. It is rare, indeed, for the stomach to be
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ble accounts of the results of recent researches in respect to the subject treated
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Intestinal Indigestion in Eczema and Psoriasis. By Francis Lowell
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substantial, but simple diet, without any artificial stimulants, is likewise
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transverse diameter, its walls retain the fcetus in the
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the placenta. The view as given by Dr Williams is quite new
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Their presence explains the contagiousness of the afiection
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at Cavite. Twenty of the 24 marines who had been ashore came down
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exact experiments it must be collected over mercury; otherwise
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and over again, in the pleural cavities after removal. As regards the
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perforation of this ulcer and immediate sudden death of the patient
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ment : during the paroxysms ; during the intervals. Cutaneous Diseases, 776
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quite empty, and contained not a trace of froth ; their mucous mem-
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particles so as to expose them to the amylol\-tic enzymes of
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only to emphasize the principle involved. Let us de-
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had said it was hard. He himself did not think there was any
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slight error, and even if from it the absolute per-
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months. The number of infants placed for adoption was