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References to apoplexy are numerous in literature. In his description of Col-

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compresses, my assistant, Dr. Delatour, at the same time

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suicidal. The distinction between sane and insane is always

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Experiments on dogs and on the cadaver have demonstrated the

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to the dryness, mildness and purity of the air in which

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Imperial Granum Food Co., are making conscientious efforts to keep the people

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tbWv years' service, £1 17s, 6d, ; after t^enty-nve Sfr^ J^J^.

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brought in contact with fever patients. The disease was communicated

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colds, asthma, dropsy, fevers, rheumatism, hysterics,

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which should be kept at all times dearly in view. The student should ever remember

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situations also. On the spinal cord it was much more constant

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As many details of the congress and numerous appoint-

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It may be stated that this cycle of development has been demonstrated

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Merrow, of New York, has applied the term nevus to a class

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wishes to go out, and requires to be constantly watched. To these manifes-

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roform, and though I cannot charge myself with having any super-

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years of age, and also of the North Carolina and the

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R.S.A., lias just been presented to tbe Aberdeen Infirmary by his widow and

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matter. Such extraneous material we find in sixteen

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increased in the milk ; fever lessens, and may suppress the secretion ; emotion, mental

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It is useful in decoction for dysentery, strangury and all

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more than a single day. You may, therefore, apply blisters as excit-

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if the ring is removed. Instead of the use of invasive pins on the patient's skull, the

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pathieally, it gives rise to fever, mental depression, and general weak-

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the muscles in the lower left side, and gradually there formed

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In-Vitro Sperm Manipulation Techniques, 11,12 Sperm Wash-

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platelets. A high yield method using arabinagalactan (Stractan) solutions

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Mass. Sedgwick noted an excessive prevalence of both typhoid fever

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be of value in this shape as well as any other. Chemistry

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extreme succulence of the infiltrated lobe, — frequently the upper, —

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in the same way, and Delwart and Robertson refer to other

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that several of our northern and western cities were, even now, changing

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of typhus or other fevers. The dimness of vision that

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