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ject of a paper by Dr. Crisp at the Pathological Society of London

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her the faint chance of ligaturing the pelvic veins. On opening

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Acute ulcerative endocarditis with infective emboli may occur in children,

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don, 1871, i, pp. 143, 166. Med. and Surg. Beporter. Man-

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century by certain physicians to lay solidly the foundations

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rectus, but Avith the internal rectus of the other side, a muscle which receives

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In some of the districts quite half of the patients treated arc children, while

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only occurring in the abdomen — w here it is usually attached to

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could not say as to the condition of his patient's mouth at

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Treatment. This will depend upon the severity of the attack and

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thsir intentions, silence is liable to be misinterpreted ;

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hours. Hot baths are a very useful adjunct to the treat-

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application of the ligature, the heart ceased to beat; and simultaneously with, or rather just

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passage of the contents. No doubt, however, the width oTthe

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pounds by weight, and that, after the fifteenth day,

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triceps group on the lateral side of the thigh, and so back around the knee to

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pregnation takes place in the uterus, and not in the ovarium,

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present and epistaxis very common, usually during the first

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winds become weaker, more constant ; and the rauge of all the

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opinion exist in regard to intervention, whether this

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that toward the end this alkali retention curve falls considerably below

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ing fil)roma, and Mr. Tilley was to be congratulated on bis successful result.

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parasite (Vlvax type). Dr. Miller Is planning field studies

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ment of the marvelous beneficial effects upon his much-

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seminal animalcules, and may constitute the earlier stage of their

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whole time and labor to the work, and it remains to be

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an attempt was made to close the opening by approximating the

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limate. Other organic compounds, such as the salicy-

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tively fbr bleeding; but there are many, more or less compounded of these,

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Repr. from: J. Nerv. & Ment. Dis., N. Y., 1890, xvii.

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are scarcely ever absent in persons who are liable to epileptic

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Students Dissecting pay for the parts they dissect at fixed rates, which are

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demand. Some of the hotels have commenced keeping it in their bars

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with any reflection upon the hospital, but simply stating a fact.

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CLINICAL LECTURE. s Can be no doubt that the latter are the con-

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appearing as a rule early, may not be at all marked until gen-

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ditions of health. Therefore in this state of things it is high

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or rice water acululated with lemon or orange juice; the only limit neces-