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technical forms, liable to involve themselves and others

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Intestinal Obstruction : Tubal Abscess. Dr. Louis Frank: I have a

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otherwise with a piece of mechanism, the prototype of the modern

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serts, however, that on some days she can make out, dimly, the out-

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are in this recommendation of this universally used, and, he would add, much

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' I see,* quoth he, * the elephant Is very like a rope.'

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In the records of puerperal fever we shall find many instances, where

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sigmoid variety ; several of the operated cases referred to by

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more care is necessary in its use, for by long keeping it becomes very

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over unnoticed a point which had been successively laboured

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was hell! at Pittstii'Kl, in the Cliemical Hall of the Medical CoIIeji^e,

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the other. As a rule the later attack w r as more severe, but not invariably

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apartment, it has been supposed that, after having become mixed with the air,

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By means of this he seems to be able to determine as between malig-

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a new feature, their earh^ appearance before the outbreak of the

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the ethmoidal and sphenoidal cells was found hopelessly impracti-

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the morning two grains plumbi acetas, with half a grain of pulveriied

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but the nose was the adjudicator, the balancer of blood-

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the wings are long, two may be required); and one in the centre

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rience in bleeding during the preceding equal period

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on the Liver ; Wharton and Steno on the Glands ; which were

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the great orator, the commander of remarkable genius,

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by those to whom such information would be valuable, so that an attempt is

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ness, followed by hysterical manifestations, and once the

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by haemorrhage from the bowels. (8) Where the loss after hsemorrhage

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Naso-PliaiTngeal Polypi. (Bulletin de la Soc. de Chir., tome Tii,

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peritonitis. There was a slight opening in the small intestine.

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from the plant or tree it is in a crude, oleoresinous state. It is

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its surface should likewise be sprinkled with capsicum,

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sion they have made on the Chinese and the proofs they

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looped uterine portion of each of the round ligaments is dragged

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the operation; 6 left with their wounds healed, but 3 of them had relapses

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In response to a call of the Conference Committee appointed at the

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et mem. Soc. med. d. hop. de Paris, 1912, x.xxiv, 80, cited by Elliott and Kanavel:

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mass of plumes of minute, hair-like needles which contain one-half

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and to resist and overcome the effects of morbid in-