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" Although I feel quite unable to account satisfactorily for the Erst
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and grief on account of the persistent ill-behavior of
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trates into every crevice, sterilizes the secretions without injuring the
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it and now hold lands worth fully $1,500,000. Large sales of
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remarkably rare. Besides, it has always appeared to me probable that,
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mother of a large family. The etiology from the fascia and secured by fine sutures,
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clusions; but it is interesting that the whole seven died before the
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Dr. Harvey said he had tried fibrolysin in stricture of the
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tion, has recently occurred in the city of Nashville — it has given origin
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the institutions for incurables many are admitted who
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termination of the case, with this exception, that, as the heart's
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two grains every hour till the stools become green and
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vourable results in the treatment of burns, ulcers of the leg, and
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description of the relation of cancer-cells to nerves. It is, after all, not
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right calf and the left thigh measuring two centimeters larger
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on the importance of studying the means of prevention in such a fatal and
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certain direction we contract the proper muscles and bring the body
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followed in other departments of scientific education.
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stitution but which had become shattered by long continued irregu-
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and must have their terminals far apart at opposite
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human beings it amounts to 0.3 to 0.4 gram per 100 c.c. of plasma.
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tral disturbance, and so on. Again turning to congenital cases
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The result of a partial post-mortem examination made by Dr A.
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into the throng of well-dressed men and women who crowd up in
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by typhus sera only. Later they recovered another proteus, w^hich they
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istic skin disease. In the homy mass under the hair-
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her home. Upon presentation at the Special Dispensary, the
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The following table of cases recorded by Dr. Parkes is interest-
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and commencement of the ureter was of a dull white colour,
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retention is not curod on account of the deformity caused by the re-
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as a psychasthenia. Simple or uncomplicated neurasthenia,
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of them — false conclusions are so numerous tliat they
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both alive and well. Family history of eczema, one child died,